Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Decade of Personal Linux

The year of Linux on the desktop has been coming any day now for a decade or more, depending on who you were talking to at the time. The truth is, I'm not sure it's ever coming. Even the dust up over Windows 8 is more likely to drive people to the Mac than to Linux. I'm not blaming Linux for this; I just think it's unlikely.

However, I am sure we are living in the decade of personal Linux. Android accounts for over 70 percent of the smartphone market.  An increacing number of televisions and other home appliances run Linux. (Electrolux makes a line of touch screen appliances that run Linux. http://earruda.eti.br/blog/2012/05/household-appliances-running-linux/) The Kindle and some other e-readers run Linux. A variety of DVRs and my mom's digital cable converter box run Linux. (I caught a glimpse of the Fedora login screen while connecting Mom's old picture tube television to her newly converted digital cable.) Even some home routers run Linux. Linux is in devices all around us, just not on our desktops.

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